What is a 3D-figurine?

The 3D-figurines of figurenWERK are a small photorealistic replica of yourself, your loved ones or your best friend or pet.

If you visit our store, we grasp your geometry data with the help of a 3D-scan, convert this into a virtual 3D-model and then print it on a 3D-printer. We exert ourselves to get the figurine as realistic as possible. For this we use traditional, craft methods to model the figurine and to work out details or to finish it after printing. Of course we use the newest 3D-printing technology to grasp your geometrical data and the texture and to calculate the figurine on the computer. Only by using this manner we receive a perfect result. Such a figurine is not only one day’s manual work and technology- and arithmetic achievement. The 3D-printig itself lasts (according to size and material of your figurine) one day. Thereby you receive a high-quality, individual unique piece, only for and from yourselves.

In cooperation with our new partner botspot we produced a video in our store in Prinzenstrasse, Berlin. It shows in details how 3D-figurines are provided and how realistic the results are. If you are interested look HERE for Spiegel online. We wish you a lot of fun!


3D-figurines – occasions

To us come, for example. . . . . . many wedding pairs who want an individual wedding cake figurine to themselves, or jubilee brides and grooms. . .

… masters with their pets who want to fix their best animal friend for ever at a nice moment

… families who want to stick their changing by modelling a 3D-figurine every year

… couples who like to immortalize their love with a 3D-figurine

... grandparents who want to have their grandchildren in the flat or want to see them although the grandchildren are not there ...

... Sport teams who would like to crown their common success by a 3D-effigy of the team

... business customers who want to pay tribute to their employees etc.

You could continue this list arbitrarily. But actually, it also needs no real occasion except your joy in the figurine or the technology to get a small 3D-figurine of you. In our gallery you will find some of our most successful examples.


Your pet as a 3D-figurine

Dogs and cats are always welcome in our figurenWERK store. With the help of our newest 3D-scan-technology we are able to immortalize your fur nose in a 3D-figurine for eternity. The 3D-scan only lasts one fraction of a second and therefore it is optimal to fix your favourite animals in a natural position. Our 3D-printer is looking forward to do animal work and we to get to know your four-legged friends. Nevertheless, simply make an appointment for scanning or visit our store!

Baby in 3D gedruckt 3D gedruckter Hund lebensechte 3D-Figuren einer Familie 3D Figuren auf Fensterbrett Judoka 3D Figur 3D Statuen von Judokas Kind als lebensechte 3D Figur 3D-Figur mit Herz 3D Männchen neben Pinsel 3D gedrucktes Personal Paar aus dem 3D-Drucker 3D-Selfie eines Surfers 3D-Figur vor Modulor/Aufbauhaus Berlin Kreuzberg Rollstuhlfahrer als 3D-Foto gedruckt Hochzeitspaar als 3D-Figur 3D gedrucktes Ebenbild eines Haustieres Spiegel Online Reporterin mit einer 3D-Figur von sich selbst Miniaturabbildung eines Hundes aus dem 3D-Drucker 3D Statue mit Baby auf dem Arm NEON Reporter Philipp Schwenke mit seinem 3D-Abbild aus dem Personen scanner Radioeins berichtet über lebensechte Figuren von figurenWERK Superman aus dem 3D-Drucker dreidimensionales Selfie als Pinselhalter Modell eines Hundes auf der Straße Fotorealistische 3D Abbildung einer Katze 3D-Figur Seppl auf Reisen im Libanon 3D-Hundefigur auf dem Moritzplatz in Berlin Kreuzberg 3D-Katzenfigur Seppl auf Reisen in London Fotorealistische 3D Miniatur von einem Baby 3D-Figur von älterem Herren mit Brille 3D-Staturen vor 3D-Scanner 3D Figur von schwangerer Frau 3d Figur mit Cocktailglas 3D-Skulptur mit Brille 3d Männchen mit Mülltonne Skulpturen aus dem 3D-Drucker 3d-Figur Müllmann in 3D gedruckt 3D Figur macht einen handstand 3 D Druck eines Forografen Fussballspieler in 3D Gedruckt 3d-Abbild eines Arztes

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