figurenWERK vs. voxelwerk

figure work is a brand of the voxelwerk GmbH. Because of this connection it is possible for us to use the most modern 3D-printing and working competence. 

Exactly like it is at voxelwerk the concept “werk" primarily represents something craft, hand-made and in enlarged sense also a unicum.

"figuren" describes quite exactly the production concept of “figurenWERK”: figurines, statues, busts, 3D-pictures. Of course we profit very much from the 3D-competence of the “voxelwerker”. If you are also interested in other 3D-Printing aspects, inform yourself on We would be glad to realise your ideas!


Services 3D-printing

3D-printing: If you have a concrete idea or even a file you want to print, te whole functions as follows: 

We need a 3D-file. Particularly this should have one of the following formats: 

. stl 

. obj 

. wrl

If you don’t possess such a file, you have different possibilities to get it. Either sketch your 3D-object with the help of 3D-programmes, for example Sketchup, Rhino3D, AutoCad, dazzler, ZBrush, Maya etc. and then bring it to us.

Our 3D-experts try to convert it into a printable 3D-object and printable formats. Or you let our 3D-artists directly sketch your personal 3D-file.

Nevertheles you can also come to us with an already complete object which we then scan and print for you.


3D-printing accessories

In our store you can also find: 

Premium filaments for 3D-printer in thickness of 1. 75 mm and 2. 85 mm (3 mm)

Books which transmit you knowledge about 3D-printing


3D-printer spare parts and accessories like cape tone tape or Blue tape


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