You make a choice

After you have made an appointment or have visited our store in Berlin, you choose what kind of figurine you would like to order

You choose: 




and size


If you have made your decision, we scan you with the help of our 3D-scanner. In our store in Berlin this procedure is a snapshot which only lasts a second. If we scan you mobile, we use our manual 3D-scanner. Therefore you need a little bit more patience and must stand still approx. 5 min.

While scanning, your geometrical and photo technical data as well are grasped by the 3D-scan. Don’t worry: the 3D-scan originates of many little photos. You don’t have to worry about your health. The data are collected to the later post processing and are saved. Besides, if you want, you can even watch while we are working. Thus you see step by step how your own 3D-figurine gets created by the 3D-scan.


The 3D-printing already follows as soon as your virtual 3D-effigy is provided. For this we can use different procedures. We describe the three most popular ones HERE. 


As soon as your miniature simulation has freshly slipped out of the printer, you can fetch it in our store, or we send it to your address as fast as possible.

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